Meet Nero!!
Nero is a canine Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation, living positively, to the fullest, every day. They even have the same occupation: city manager. Nero oversees the neighborhood with endless enthusiasm from his home office.
Super optimism and perfection require fine-tuning and upkeep, strict diet, supplements. The key to Chris’ and Nero’s success? Structure, movement; keep your mind occupied and body in perfect condition, and you will never be paralyzed with despair.
That was Nero’s old life. These days, Nero can relax and just be himself: a playful, smart, loyal best friend, who loves chew toys, naps, walks, sniffing, and just being a dog. He is Season 6 Chris Traeger. Still the optimist, but with newfound peace of mind, waiting for his forever family.
This intelligent, handsome pup is looking for a family to love and love him. Nero would be a great buddy for adventures or canine sports. But he’s just as happy to go on walk around the neighborhood. He is almost 2 years old, house trained and crate trained. Nero has earned a AKC S.T.A.R. PUPPY certificates of achievement. At first Nero liked his personal space but is more snuggly every day. Nero is well behaved for vet visits, nail trims, bubble baths, and car rides. He loves flinging his toys in the air and giving them a good shake! As of right now, we think Nero would be best as an only child, unless you are able to give him plenty of time to decompress and adjust SLOWLY to a new housemate. He did go to doggie day care with his former owner, but that hasn’t been for few months now. He greets better off leash than on leash. He is lit-trah-ly the best!
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  • Name Nero
  • Age 20200324
  • Breed Am Staff Mix
  • Generation Young
  • Sex Male
  • Size Medium
  • Weight 68
  • Status Adoptable

Special Traits

  • Activity Level Active
  • Good with Dogs? Yes, No
  • Good with Cats? No
  • Good with Kids? Yes
  • Vaccines up to Date? Yes
  • House Trained? Yes