Luna (Karma)

Due to no fault of her own, Luna formerly Karma (Kareena’s only daughter) is being returned. Family dymanics have shifted and this just the best option for her at this time. Luna is a very sweet, intelligent, energetic 3 yr old girl. She loves to snuggle up under blankets or by the fireplace. She is crate trained, potty trained, and knows basic commands. She “takes” nicely when offered treats and loves to catch ice cubes. She also loves to give kisses but will get a little carried away and needs a stern voice to stop. Due to her spurts of high energy, she needs space and time to run. Once that is provided she is happy to become a couch potato. She likes to chew bones, play fetch, and bubbles. She does not like vacuums, ceiling fans, or smoke alarms. She gets very excited when she meets new people and jumps up on them to greet them, which can be overwhelming. She is very strong so a harness is best when taking her outside, as she does pull if she sees other people or animals (she is leash reactive, never violent, but definitely guarded). Luna currently lives in a house with three small children (5 and under), 2 yr old male pitty and an 8lb wienie dog. She does well with everyone in the house, but has had issues being introduced to other dogs outside the home (but always on leash so that could be the only reason?!) Luna has skin allergies and is prone to ear infections. She chews at her feet and scratches her collar area, making her neck red. She needs her ears cleaned frequently to prevent infections. She likes to engage in a game of chase when trying to apply ointment, trim nails, or clean ears, but once you catch her she gives in and allows it to be done. We have tried a series of medications, dietary changes, Benedryl, and allergy immune chewables. Everything works for a short duration of time but we have yet to find a consistent solution to address her allergies. (FYI – a vet appt will be made to address these issues – as OTC remedies are not working) If you can help out sweet girl, please fill out our adoption application!!


  • Name Luna
  • Age 20180922
  • Breed Pit Bull Mix
  • Generation Adult
  • Sex Female
  • Size Medium
  • Weight 45
  • Status Adoptable

Special Traits

  • Activity Level Active
  • Good with Dogs? Yes
  • Good with Cats? No
  • Good with Kids? Yes
  • Vaccines up to Date? Yes
  • House Trained? Yes