Hello everyone, I’m Ivan! I also go by Onion Ring or Onion or Onion Boy or just Stinky (because of my absolutely heinous farts). 🤢 But you can call me anything because I don’t know my name! 🤣 My foster family told me to think of looking for a forever family like online dating. So here’s some stuff to know about me, a very eligible barkchelor.

1. As previously mentioned before, I have some pretty serious farts. My foster mom said they sound like grown man farts and can clear a room faster than most. But we’re trying our new foods to hopefully get a handle on it! 🦮💨

2. I’m a couch potato. I love nothing more than to curl up with a human in a chair that my foster mom says is definitely not for more than one person/ dog. (I beg to differ). I am an absolute snuggle bug!! I’ll curl up in your lap and snore the day away if given the chance. 😴

3. When I was in the shelter my foster moms were told I didn’t know how to bark. But as soon as I met my foster sister (7yo human), I found my voice SUPER quick. My börk can be loud and intimidating, but only when I sense absolute danger. Like when the doorbell rings or someone looks at the sleeping small human. 😇

4. My foster moms joke that I’m part dolphin because I’m so smart. I am crate trained- though I love to sleep in the people bed. I let my moms know when I need to go outside to potty. I know some tricks! I can sit, give paw, give kisses, and we’re working on lay down. 🤓🧠

5. I’m working on my manners. There’s always room for self improvement! I’m still learning how to walk on a leash and not to jump up on people when I meet them. But sometimes I get so excited, I just can’t help it!!

6. Despite my size (70 pounds) I am a very gentle boy. The vet thinks that I am around 4, but that’s being very generous. I take treats or the occasional human food- btw I LOVE blueberries- very gently. I am very good around the tiny humans and other animals like my foster sisters Tilly (cat) and Bagel (ferret) and brother Cream Cheese (ferret). I’m not quite sure about human babies though. They confuse me. What are they do small for anyways??

7. I love love LOVE to chew. Basically any toy. Kong or frisbee or rope toy or garden hose or sock. I love it all. It’s all about the mouth feel. 👅

I’m just a gentle giant with a lot of love to give. I would make a great addition to any family. So, what do you think? Will you swipe right???


  • Name Ivan
  • Age 20180504
  • Breed Pit Bull Mix
  • Generation Adult
  • Sex Male
  • Size Large
  • Weight 70
  • Status Adoptable

Special Traits

  • Activity Level Moderately Active
  • Good with Dogs? Yes
  • Good with Cats? Yes
  • Good with Kids? Yes
  • Vaccines up to Date? Yes
  • House Trained? Yes