We are very serious about placing the dogs in our care into appropriately matched and loving forever homes. We believe in making perfect connections for all involved. This results in Queen City Pitties being a lifelong resource to the families we adopt to.

Please read over our adoption requirements carefully before applying. While some of our policies seem strict, there is a reason for each and every one. We rescue them with the intent that they will never, ever again face the situation in which we had to rescue them from. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Adoption process is as follows:

  1. Fill out and fully complete an online application
  2. Reference checks / Vet check
  3. Phone screening and home visit
  4. Meet and greet
  5. Follow up after adoption

Adoption requirements:

  1. Be at least 25 (we may make exceptions for stellar applicants!).
  2. Submit a fully completed application. Applications that are not complete will not be considered.
  3. Provide solid references (vet preferred).
  4. Consent to a home visit.
  5. We prefer fenced in yards and will NOT accept invisible fencing, but a fenced yard is not required for all dogs.
  6. There is no age requirement for children, but keep in mind, some dogs will do better with older children.  As such, we will place each dog as an individual according to their needs.
  7. If you rent, you must be willing to provide authorization from your landlord that you are approved.
  8. Enroll your new addition (no matter what age) into training. This is non-negotiable and must be done within one month of adoption per our contract.
  9. If you have current animals, they MUST be spayed/neutered. If there is a valid medical reason why they are not, we must see proof of that.
Dogs available through QCP are vaccinated, heartworm tested (if old enough), fecal tested, dewormed, microchipped, temperament tested, cared for in foster homes, attend training, are well socialized, and spay/neutered. The adoption donation is $350.00.

There will be no negotiating the adoption donation. Adoption donations are also non-refundable.

While local adoptions are always preferred, we are willing to adopt to our communities within an hour of Buffalo/Western New York. Applications from inside the state of NY that are not local will be considered on a case by case basis. Because we are all volunteers, many of us with full time jobs, it is incredibly hard for us to travel long distances and therefore we cannot adopt out of state. Additionally, we are unable to adopt over the border to Canada - as Ontario still possesses BSL which prevents us from crossing the border with bully breeds.

We are meticulous about the responsible placement of our dogs. It is our firm belief that responsible placement is one excellent way to dispel myths and restore our breed to their former position of respect. Being responsible for a companion animal requires great commitment and responsibility and it should be a serious, well thought out decision. Please take time to research the breed at a few of the links we’ve provided in our useful information on pit bulls section. There is some solid, reputable information to be found in these links. Do your research!

We reserve the right to deny any application or end the adoption process at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to remove a dog from a home if it is determined our adoption contract has been breached.

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